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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Coffee FAN!!!!

Hello and hi guys!!

Its been too long I leave my blog with untouchable. Poor my blog, I'm sorry I ditch you so long!!!
In my last entry I've told you I move on my new job right?

Yeah it quite struggling actually but its fun!!!!!! Seriously the work might be stress you a bit. But work is work even you complaining you won't get away from that!

In order to release MY STRESS, I've been visiting one of the coffee shop with my family.

I can release my stress now with them!! Ha.ha.ha

For the coffee fan
I recommended one suitable place.
Where is it?

It was Cosans Coffee shop!!
This shop located at Bangsar
Well actually there's has a lot of place you can go
Such as Puchong Jaya or Subang Jaya SS15(not really recommended because of the traffic)
So for the better I prefer here, cause the place quite comfy you know

And for this shop they have two different types of beans that you guys can choose!!!

Which you guys can see I'm choosing Ibanez Coffee bean
Well you guys might think all coffee taste the same
But actually

Ok, why I choose Ibanez (you can read above there)
Tadaaa!! Here's the menu

While waiting for the BARISTA brew the coffee we snap the photo first!

And after that
Yeayyyy!! We got our coffee (well actually is cappuccinos)
Both us (me and my sister) are coffee addicted (not heavy drinker yet!)
But we really enjoy it our coffee time


See mine with love one.. while my sister is Christmas tree (I think)

Aww so cuteee.....
Both of us choose cappuccino with Ibanez coffee bean

Same with my niece.
The different is
She chose French Vanilla Latte with Ibanez bean


Why we were choosing Ibanez Coffee bean?
Well, what I understand is the Ibanez Coffee Bean is medium type of coffee bean so is not too strong for the people who didn't like the bitterness in the coffee (of course without sugar)

While Kemala Coffee bean is quite strong and I don't think I wanna try it yet haha,
Cause for me, I didn't add sugar plus it has the creamy milk!
And I loveeeeee it!!!!!!
For me Ibanez Coffee didn't taste bitter at all.
Even its tiny I'm not gonna count it!!

For the PRICE 


Cappuchinos = RM 12 x 2
French Vanilla Late = RM 13

Total = RM 39.22 (GST % Included)

So for a person who try to drink coffee, this coffee shop is RECOMMENDED!!

See ya next time!!!

(Please Enjoy!)

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