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Assalamu'alaikum WBT & hello Everyone!

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Monday, September 16, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello guys..!!

Long time no see over here...
Yes..!! Honestly to say i'm really busy after my new work started..
So.. before my new work started.. I've been working at the guardian, actually i trying to work at HQ or in other word Headquarters. Probably my luck isn't that good enough or my fresh certificate aren't fit enough for this new job. Suddenly change from civil into business... Definitely you guys think what the hell i was doing over here?? Suddenly change course and also my work out..


Even I never think bout that, So since i never get into Guardian HQ so end up worked at Guardian Pharmacy Retail. What am I doing over there..? Of course working over there as a Cashier but suddenly things happen and i been promoted as Supervisor..

I'm so happy..!! Yes for the first time..!!

But then there are certain people not so very happy bout that.. Why? Even i don't bout that. i'm just being me. Clumsy girl that's me of course.

Surely you guys think why I've been talking in English and not in Malay.. Actually i'm trying to improve my English(Oh My English..!!!!) I love to speak in English..and also Malay.. Japanese too..!!! Love it..!! (Hell yeah i like it)

Enough Talk bout D language..!!!

Now I've been working over there just 4 month(actually 3 month and a half).. Why?? I was wondering too... Eventually i get another job(Damn I'm so shock..!!!) To be honest i never think or thought that i could go back to my original course. Of course in Civil Engineering, so In my heart kinda had 50%-50%(should i stay or should go???) Can i take this course back??


So i think and i think all over i take those offer.. now my new work is as a Technical Executive..Thank god(Alhmdulillah..!!!) So what?? I'm still a rookie i need to learn a lot of thing that it will never b the same as what i learned at Poly.. Hopefully Allah bless me and all of us..!! Chao..!!

Please do puke when ever u guys see this picture of me that crazy..what a bummer