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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wordless wednesday 3%~~~~~~downloading

(after kenduri)

~~ais kacang cendol RM1.50~~

~~kuew teow goreng RM 2.70~~

~~this is me~~
(hahaha just kidding, my "daughter" kak ya)

~~her mother~~

~~enjoyed and love it. yummy~~

~~my youngest sister~~

~~View Incomplete of My Family~~~

actually not complete yet cause my oldest 
brother and his wife not hanging with us.
And also my sister and her husband
(busy working both of them)

~~where am i?~~
guess what

~thanks for reading~


Bro ahmad said...

dah lama ahmad tak makan ais kacang cendol tentu sedap....p

Sunah Sakura said...

oh myyyyyy sedapnya cendol itu!

Ringgo said...


Pojiekyra said...

ais kacang yang lembut bagaikan tisu mcair di dalam mulot..tbaik..!! :D

hasyikin ismail said...

grrrr... sedapnyer.. :)

ibnubaba_04 said...

bestnya kuih tiaw

Pojiekyra said...

hehehehe..jom3 bedal sumew :D

cik pha said...


Pojiekyra said...

yeaa cedap..!! kih3

Wani said...

perghhhh .
Terliukkk naaa ~

ciknabil-a said...

awak mesti yg tgh amik picx nie kan?? hehe..

uishhh sedapnya abc tue. :)

Pojiekyra said...

wani - haha jom kita bedal :D

ciknabil-a - yeaaa btoi tue hehehe..mmg sedap ohh abc tue...t nk g mkn ag :)