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Friday, June 24, 2011

GiveAway by Cik Eira Shoppe

GiveAway by Cik Eira Shoppe

rinie bwu kyra ase kyra berpotpet 
setelah sekian lma dok sharekan ilmu jew kan..??
pew ley uat kalo xdew keja
mmg bnda tue pown kyra bca+smbil on9 fb+blog kyra...
less talking more writing..
(pdhal mmg kyra writing pown huhuhu)

kt cini kyra nk ucapkan terimakasih kt cik Nabil coz sudi tagkan kt kyra...
nie da masa yang terluang kyra join la contest nie..
mn la taw wahahaha
mataku dlu yang coklat kini bubah jd colorful hahaha

if you guys wanna know about term and condition just click that banner k..??
hadiahnya ialah contact lens
who loves it..??
kyra xpnah pkai ag so..?
just try jew nie :)
da rezeki xkemana right..??
so let us try our best in this contest..

then kyra nk tag kn kepada 3 orang  :)

tarikh tutup ialah 17.Julai.2011

as'salam :D


Sunah Sakura said...

all the best! :)

Pojiekyra said...

thanks!!! hehe

ZORA said...

semoga berjaya...rjin ye join mcm ni...

btw zora follow kamu da..:P

Pojiekyra said...

kalo da owg tagkan kyra akn join :D
kalo xdew...haha xdew join kot..??
THANKS..!!! :D

ciknabil-a said...

thanx kira... wat benda nie.hehe..

Pojiekyra said...

hehehe ur wecome dear :)

cik eira said...

thank you dear :)
**Good Luck,
Much Love,
Cik Eira